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Fall squash recipe

Perhaps you started seeing this squash in the last year of two. It was new to me but a friend told me how easy it is to use and I have made it a number of times. What I like about this squash – Kabocha – is that you don’t have to peel the skin even

Stop the Cold NOW formula

Yin qiao san is a bigger formula than Yu ping feng san. I will discuss a bit about all of the herbs and  explain a little about how an herbal formula is created in Chinese medicine. This formula is used to treat Wind/Heat as most of the herbs are cooling. But any formula will have a

An herbal formula for Cold prevention

Fall and Winter are the seasons in which people think about getting the cold or flu. In Chinese medicine we call it a Wind/Cold or Wind/Heat invasion or EPI – external pathogen invasion. This formula is one that we start a lot of our patients on as kids go back to school. This formula is for

Make the ‘Cold’ less common

To treat the common cold With all the travel and running around you are doing these days it is so easy to pick up something. This is an easy recipe. If you are at a convention or meeing you can even ask a concierge at the hotel to have this sent up to your room.

Turmeric Golden Milk

A lot of people has been asking about this lately. The office shared this on the office website but I wanted you to see it here again. There is commercial preparation of turmeric -Meriva – that research shows to be much better absorbed than the natural ground option. It is more expensive than any other

Love the great outdoors

This year REI decided to be closed for Black Friday so people could spend time outside – not in a shopping mall. Good for them. Works quite well for me. If you are not a skier then just go for a walk. There are some great walking locations in the Portland, Oregon area. Here are some

The Perfect Dessert

Keeping it simple today. The perfect dessert to end Thanksgiving is to give someone a hug – someone you love, your pet, teddy bear or even a stranger. Make the connection. Fill your soul. Blessings to all.

Gratitude Greetings

I wanted to share a concept that is not new. Many others have offered their version of this meditation. But I wanted to create my own. You may want to do this in the morning. It is so much nicer to greet the day in gratitude rather that moaning about how awful your day will

Thanksgiving Traditions

Let’s look at a few of our common traditions. Traditions are part of the Metal element. It is doing what is expected at the right time. There is a certain rigidness to traditions. In many families it is a tragedy that you break traditions. It is a time of solidarity, carrying on what has held

Holiday Stress

Holiday stress! Hopefully you have already started your shopping, organizing, cleaning and whatever. It’s not too late to be ready with everything you need. Start tonight with getting more sleep. Ask others who will be participating in the festivities to lend a hand. You do not have to be Atlas holding up the world here.

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