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Exercise takes many forms for many people. While I like and appreciate cardio and weight lifting and do them regularly, for some these are too rigorous. Asian and Oriental forms are, many times, more gentle and yet every bit as strengthening and nourishing. These forms include Tai qi, Qigong and Yoga. I have taught both tai qi and qi gong. While not certified as a yoga instructor I have practiced yoga since I was a teenager. Many of my patients come to me for treatment of pain and injury. I encourage my patients to speak with their physicians and /or physical therapist to get an exercise program if possible. I will coach them to continue regaining strength and range of motion and bring in tai qi, qi gong and yoga exercises to increase balance, move qi and increase flexibility. Integration of many forms of medicine and exercise can be the mix that gets people back to optimum wellness rather than just “doing OK”. The most important point of any exercise program is that you do something. Explore many options and find the one that fits and keeps you healthy and active but doesn’t wear you out. We tend to be go, go, go., hyperactive. The Eastern forms remember to have Yin elements which keep you more in balance. Remember this is all about balancing energy.

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