More and more people are discovering or determining that they are sensitive or allergic to substances they never had a problem with before. Or they have had allergies all their life and are tired of it. Some are finally deciding to give up on the usual desensitization treatments and find a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical solution to their challenges. NAET is a fusion of Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Kinesiology, Nutrition and Homeopathy. The testing involves using neuromuscular sensitivity testing (NST) also known as muscle testing. When it is shown that a substance near your body creates a weakness or imbalance, the patient is treated for this substance. This involves stimulating acupuncture points along the length of the spine while the patient holds the substance. After treatment the patient will test strong with NST indicating that the allergy has been removed. Some allergens will take more than one treatment. The simple regimen does not include a long avoidance of the substance – only 25 hours. It does require a commitment to the process and to take the time to work through the system. You will develop awareness of your diet, eating habits, lifestyle, emotions, all of which impact your sensitivity to substances. It also assists you to nourish your immune system because you can fully digest your food and acquire the nourishment you have been lacking. When your immune system is more fully developed many allergies disappear without being directly treated. You are able to treat yourself, in essence.

Here is a short video Testimonial from parents and their children
about the effects of using NAET to counteract Autism.

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