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Spring is upon us. We mostly made it through winter. Some are still experiencing those last minute surprise snow storms and chillier weather but it is still moving towards us.

This is the season when we get out of our houses if we aren’t into the cold and rain activities. We want to get moving again. It is the natural order of things. Plants, bulbs, flowers come up and out for the ground. The days get longer. We reset our clocks to take advantage of the longer hours in the evening. (I personally prefer these hours, even if they aren’t the natural state.) Spring cleaning happens to open the home to the moving energy again and clear out that which has collected and gotten stagnant during our “cave” experience the last few months.

Clearing the cupboards, closets, carpets, etc is a great way to get the energy going. When you get rid of the stale and that which you don’t need you have room to bring in the fresh and new and allow for new growth. Let’s get rid of the blocks, obstacles from getting our ‘things’ done.

This is the season that the Wood element is dominant. The organs are Liver and Gall Bladder. The Liver is a great orchestrator, gets things organized and moving. When you are planning a party you want a great organizer. She sees the details and leaves nothing undone. The Gall Bladder comes along and helps to actually get it done. Do you know anyone that can plan all sorts of things but just can’t seem to finish anything?

This stagnation, not being able to achieve our dreams, keep moving forward can come from outside obstacles in our lives or obstacles inside ourselves. Are you clear where is the sabotage coming from? If we don’t control the stagnation we will literally blow everything up in the process of getting our plans fulfilled (Liver)  or grab and break down, wear down the opposition until you feel powerful and in control again (Gall Bladder).

We have to have dreams and goals but we need to have these while remaining cognizant that we are not the only people in the world. The world was not created for our satisfaction and entertainment. We are not the center of the universe. We have to make room for others. We need to share. As there are more and more people on the planet this gets to be a bigger and bigger challenge. We need to acknowledge and accept that we have this fire that builds up in us and find healthy outlets for it. It’s great to have this fire to right the wrongs or do amazing, positive changes in a wounded society. We are at at point where we need to understand that we are not powerless when we share the power.

To right the wrongs does not mean to be shoot, kill everyone who disagrees with you. There is way too much of that going on. It seems that we are getting to accept that that is the way things should be done. It’s OK to admit that you would like to rip someone’s face off or blow something up but it just can’t be done. We can choose to control the extreme here. When someone out to get you, you need to understand that they are coming from a place of extreme fear, even paranoia and powerlessness. What makes them feel that way? What factors make them think and act in ways that are so extreme so that they can feel powerful again? In turn, when we see them coming, what do we want to do to stop them in their tracks? War comes to mind but we’ve done that too many times and it hasn’t worked.

Remember that here is more than one way. It is the old thinking, weighty habits that often get in our way. We need to evolve in our thinking, grow in options for handling the stagnations, blockages, pain that come into our lives. Look to each other for understanding and support instead of undermining and annihilating opposing thought. Organize another way to deal with not getting only our way so we all get our way, all have self respect and self-esteem and have our personal power intact.

Create a new plan, goal. Strive to be peaceful, tolerant, patient. To understand that these strategies are not signs of weakness is a great challenge for us. Use this vibrant Spring energy to start you on another path, fine new insight and strength.

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