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Carols' path to Health and Wellness

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My Motive in Opening RaindragonWellness Website


Hi everyone.This website is designed to be my personal professional site and will be focused on education. (You can still find my office website at www.oregoncityacupuncture.com.) Here you will get to know me better. I plan on discussing acupuncture and Oriental medicine plus lifestyle habits + behaviors, various types of exercise – Eastern and Western, nutrition – Eastern and Western, Chinese herbs and NAET. Most of this will be done through the blog with the hopes of developing a few webinars and some videos. Oriental medicine is all about balance so I will be incorporating this concept in medicine and its place and role in the current world. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer. With over 40 years in health care I have done a lot of teaching of patients, friends, family and many other health care providers. Please communicate with me often and guide me to meet your needs and wishes so I can assist you as you travel farther down your path to optimum wellness.
Carol K Griesmeyer LAc, RN
Raindragon Oriental Medicine, LLC


Find out if the things you think are causing your allergies are or  test for things which might be causing allergies. Cure your allergies without the use of western modalities.


There are many forms of acupuncture. You’d think there wouldn’t be but just like any other medicine it is reflective of the society and thinking in which it exists.

Chinese Herbs

Herbal medicine has been the norm for all cultures and societies since homo sapiens evolved. In fact, it is all any species had until only the last 150 years or so.

Qi Gong

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Exercise takes many forms for many people. Asian and Oriental forms are, many times, more gentle and yet every bit as strengthening and nourishing as Western exercies.

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We are located in Oregon
In beautiful Oregon City

619 Madison ST Suite 110
Oregon City, OR 97045

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