I was trained in a few different “schools” of acupuncture including Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Japanese and 5 element. They all have their place and all are effective. My personal path seems to consistently mix and match, integrate. I couldn’t stick with just Western medicine either. There are so many ways to move energy and bring about healing and restore balance. You need someone who is willing to look at lots of options, not necessarily a shotgun approach, but systematically work through options and blendings to find the best match for each person. This definitely does not follow the standard protocol of “if this, then do that” that has become the norm in Western medicine. But each style does have their standards and protocols within themselves. It has been seen many times how protocol-oriented many Asian societies are traditionally. If fact these medical systems were handed down in family lines for hundreds of years without being written. Only if you were deemed honorable was the information passed on to the next generation. Each person was to perform with the utmost respect and highest standards honoring their teachers and ancestors. I would like more people to understand Oriental medicine and what it can add to their lives. You don’t ever have to have acupuncture just like you may not ever have to have surgery. That doesn’t mean you never see a doctor and take care of your health. This medicine is great with chronic conditions and prevention. Herbal medicine can maintain the process between treatments or be used instead of needles. Call for your free 30  minute consult and see how Oriental medicine can assist you.

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