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Well now we get to talk about the ‘Letting Go’ organ – Large Intestine. When we talk about letting go we are not only talking about removing waste from our physical bod

transparente organe mit markiertem dickdarmy but also the toxic stuff that has collected in our spirits and mind.

Not everyone is blessed with a happy-go-lucky childhood. There can be many ugly memories of abuse or abandonment. Maybe there wasn’t always a roof to sleep under or food on the table. Even having a teacher from hell is quite disturbing for a young person to deal with. How many times were you dumped by someone special or rejected before you even got off the ground.

These experiences all leave toxic waste in us and can immobilize us for years or our entire life.

Fortunately you have the Large Intestine to help you with this. It comes to our aide after the Lungs have taken in clear qi and moves the garbage out. Now we are on the road to healing.

This is a great time for you to take an internal inventory of all the things you have been carrying around in your head – I’m no good, he/she is no good, old resentments, jealousies. These are often long standing issues you just can’t let go of or they may be relatively new. What principles were you brought up with that no longer serve you?

This is a tough season and tough organ to deal with. We don’t want to go in the cave and look at all the bad things we’ve been hauling around forever. What happens if we actually get rid of it? Who are we then? Our personal story will change, excuses will be gone. You may grieve the loss of these ideas, traditions, patterns. However, if they are no longer healthy or useful it is wise to take them out our your backpack.

Be patient with yourself.  You don’t have to have a huge purge in one day. No one is very capable of surviving that kind of experience. Take it is small steps. Continue to review issues over and over. When you stop feeling the ‘hit’ in your guts as you review each one you have probably let go of it and can move on. Sometimes this takes years – but it took years for you to get here and you will keep going. Just don’t put a cork in it.

When qi gets stuck we experience pain and discomfort or dis-ease. Use the Lungs bringing clear qi with the breath to move the qi. Allow the process to do what is knows how to do. Our egos often throw everything out of balance and we are striving for balance. Nature always wants balance.

So… just let go of non-essentials and search for your deepest values.

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