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Spring into New Options

Spring is upon us. We mostly made it through winter. Some are still experiencing those last minute surprise snow storms and chillier weather but it is still moving towards us. This is the season when we get out of our houses if we aren’t into the cold and rain activities. We want to get moving

The Essence of Metal

This video came to me on my Facebook page the other day. It really spoke to me. This is a time of loss and grief for everyone. We can’t not be affected by recent events. The Metal Element which involves the Lungs and Large Intestine is about – living your values. Appreciating what you have,

The Organs of Autumn – part 2

Well now we get to talk about the ‘Letting Go’ organ – Large Intestine. When we talk about letting go we are not only talking about removing waste from our physical bod y but also the toxic stuff that has collected in our spirits and mind. Not everyone is blessed with a happy-go-lucky childhood. There

In celebration of Autumn

“To everything there is a season….” We are deep into autumn now. In Chinese medicine this is the season of letting go.  Most of the brilliant leaves have fallen off the trees. Even in the Northwest things are starting to look a bit barren. What was a bright splash of their last glory is now

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