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A few weeks ago my office partner said he was going to make elecampagne honey. I said let’s do it together. I’ll take pictures as you show me how to do it. Really it was “something to put in my blog”.

Elecampane is great to nourish the Spleen to resolve dampness so it makes it easier for the Lungs. In Chinese medicine we say ‘the Spleen is the mother of damp and the Lungs are the receptacles’. A lot of our Lung system congestion is the result of the food we eat and do not digest completely. Elecampane is good for tonifying the digestion, promoting the  appetite and the honey makes it a bit tastier and is good to soothe a throat that has been coughing.

Take some roots – any amount will do. They are easy to grow from seed. They will get tall and are perennial. Size should be about 1″ in diameter – 2 years old, 5-8″ long. Fall is the best time to dig up after the plant has died back. To buy them I would check your local natural food store. If they don’t carry them, they may know who might and get you their number. Check out local farmers’ markets also and you’ll find growers of many great herbs for remedies.

Ele roots raw     Ele wash  Ele slices 4

Scrub off dirt. Cut into thin slices, small pieces, dice, whatever to expose as much of root as possible to honey. Also smaller pieces are easier to chew.

1 jar – pt or ½ pt or may be larger depending on the amount of root you have.

Ele honey fill BEle honey fill C

Pour honey to cover root to within ½ in of jar lip or until the root is covered.

Stop to poke out the air bubbles during the fill. Ele 1 hr done

Let sit 4-6 weeks turning periodically for full root coverage and mixing. Photo is shot of jar after sitting for one hour. It will draw the fluid out of the root.

Take honey directly by the spoonful or add to tea. You can also suck on and chew the pieces of root. They have an intense flavor, not really bitter, somewhat fragrant in that the flavor seems to bloom in your mouth.

This is a great herbal remedy to have around in the cold months when coughs are more frequent and digestion can be off with the heavier food we tend to eat.

Caution: it can be a uterine stimulant so should be avoided with pregnancy.

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