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I wanted to share a concept that is not new. Many others have offered their version of this meditation. But I wanted to create my own.

You may want to do this in the morning. It is so much nicer to greet the day in gratitude rather that moaning about how awful your day will be. Hey, maybe it won’t be awful. What you think you create so stay positive. If you have less baggage hanging off you from the start you stay less stressed and are better able to handle to brown stuff that may come slinging your way.

Get into a comfortable position to do this. You can keep your eyes open or closed. Look at a tree outside your window or a pleasant picture or a candle. This can be done sitting, reclining or lying down. The purpose is to stay alert and engaged in the process, not go back to sleep.

Remember to breathe slowly and deeply into the belly. Let everything relax. There is not time limit. Each time you do this is will be unique to that session.

Start with smiling. It will begin to set your attitude for the rest of your day.

  1. See yourself surrounded by a bubble of white light filled with the energy of compassion.  Feel surrounded by this.
    Take the time to slowly allow it to expand to surround you and everyone in the room or house        Everyone you will see on the way to work,
    Everyone at work,
    Everyone on the way home.
    Now expand to encompass city,
    even those people you see on TV that you don’t want to know about.
    Breathe in and out.
  2. Think of 3 things in past 24 hours you are grateful for.
    Connect with the joy you had when you experienced it.
    It could be about your career, home, relationships, car, adventures.
    Feel that feeling you had when you first experienced itNext think about yourself.
    What do you truly love about yourself. This may be hard for some people.Feel proud and grateful for having these qualities or abilities.
    Recreate any emotion you may have had the first time you were aware of these qualities.
    Breathe in and out.
  3. Think of someone in your past that still carries an emotional  charge for you that you need to forgive.
    Think to yourself: I forgive you. I ask that you forgive me.
    Breathe in and out.
  4. Visualize your perfect day, each hour developing in most perfect way.
    How about a no-hassle breakfast time or commute.
    You can have amazing meeting or event.
    Celebrate fantastic lunch or the fact that you get lunch at all.
    Imagine how your day with unfold and pretend that it will be so.
    Be the captain of your Enterprise and make it so.
    Breathe in and out.
  5. Connect with whatever higher power exists for you. You don’t have to be religious, you can be atheist. Feel and see a beam of light shining down on you as warm supporting energy.
    Feel it move down your head, your face and neck.
    Your arms all the way to your finger tips.
    Have it fill your chest and  abdomen.
    Let is wrap around your hips, thighs, knees, calves.
    All the way to your feet and toes.
    Express gratitude to this higher power for its support.
    Breathe in and out.
  6. Now bring yourself  back to the present.
    Start to move in place, wiggle your feet, shake your arms and hands.
    Move your head from side-to-side.
    Stand up and stretch.
    Look at something beautiful, maybe something you see in a new way.
    Breathe in and out and smile.

Do this daily. You may be grateful for the same things every day and new things may pop into your life. Nothing wrong with that.

Mostly stay grounded, stay grateful.




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