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Spring into New Options

Spring is upon us. We mostly made it through winter. Some are still experiencing those last minute surprise snow storms and chillier weather but it is still moving towards us. This is the season when we get out of our houses if we aren’t into the cold and rain activities. We want to get moving

Welcome to Winter

Winter. It is the Yin season. If fact it is the Yin within Yin season, the most Yin. Surrounded by the dark and cold. The perfect time to get deeper into our caves for warmth, protect our energy and actually restore the energy we used up all last year. It is not about total disconnection, though. The

Acupressure for fall and winter

The body is covered with acupressure (acupuncture) points. If you aren’t putting a needle in a point it becomes an acupressure point. You can use the tip of your finger, your nail, a knuckle, the finger pad, your fist. Depending on the site and what you are trying to accomplish there are many ways to


  Many stress-related conditions are also well treated with Oriental medicine – headaches, migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, GERD. If PMS is a challenge for you or a significant other, this is a great system for addressing the problem and returning the patient back to balance. Emotional problems can be assisted well with acupuncture and herbs

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