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I ran across this in my documents and thought it would be a good link to share.

I goes into a fair amount of detail about the intricacies of using Chinese herbal medicine and why I make comments like “See a licensed acupuncturist” for a prescription. We want to keep you safe and get you the best herb / formula for your situation. Why waste money in a hit-or-miss strategy of what you think may work?

Yes, herbs grow everywhere but you do know some will give you a headache, belly ache or kill you. Herbal use in no longer part of our everyday experience in this country.

It sounds simple but we need to understand the chemistry and energy in herbs to apply them wisely and safely.  Combining a variety of herbs is complex and we take 3 years in school to learn the basic process. This is not something you will master after talking to the clerk in a health food store.

Please take the time to read this – it is a bit long but very informative.

I hope this increases your appreciation for the use and application of Chinese herbs and how they may work in your health care plan.

Of course, if you have any questions or comments, respond below. Thanks.



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