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Welcome to Winter

Winter. It is the Yin season. If fact it is the Yin within Yin season, the most Yin. Surrounded by the dark and cold. The perfect time to get deeper into our caves for warmth, protect our energy and actually restore the energy we used up all last year. It is not about total disconnection, though. The

Love the great outdoors

This year REI decided to be closed for Black Friday so people could spend time outside – not in a shopping mall. Good for them. Works quite well for me. If you are not a skier then just go for a walk. There are some great walking locations in the Portland, Oregon area. Here are some

Gratitude Greetings

I wanted to share a concept that is not new. Many others have offered their version of this meditation. But I wanted to create my own. You may want to do this in the morning. It is so much nicer to greet the day in gratitude rather that moaning about how awful your day will

Holiday Stress

Holiday stress! Hopefully you have already started your shopping, organizing, cleaning and whatever. It’s not too late to be ready with everything you need. Start tonight with getting more sleep. Ask others who will be participating in the festivities to lend a hand. You do not have to be Atlas holding up the world here.

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